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Summer drinks. Refreshing, delicious, unusual flavors and quick to prepare.

Try this delicious and refreshing instant lemonade with unique flavor combinations. It is quick to prepare, perfect for summer and it is both lactose-free and vegan. Enjoy it ice cold! This is no coffee or tea.

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Summer drinks. Refreshing, delicious, unusual flavors and quick to prepare.

Serve the instant lemonade in glasses with ice cubes for an extra refreshing experience.

You will enjoy the unique flavor combination of citrus fruits with a hint of mint. This lemonade is perfect for sharing with friends and family on a hot summer day!

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Bring the shimmering sea into your glass and treat yourself to a sparkling summer moment at home with GLITZERISTA LIMO varieties. The three fruity-fresh flavors raspberry-hibiscus, papaya peach and pomegranate-cherry will not only enchant you with their unique glitter swirl.


Now enjoy your summer even creamier and look forward to four enhanced SUMMER SHAKES. The flavors mint-chocolate, cherry-banana, wild berry and our newest creation mango-melon offer you a colorful variety for the perfect summer treat. And if you love deliciousness, decorate your favorite variety with creative toppings. Shake it up!


It will be tingly, it will be delicious, it will be refreshing. Because three SUMMER LIMOS in the trendy flavors grapefruit-ginger, mango-lemongrass and melon-cucumber are ready for you again this summer. Enjoy them ice cold or as a fruity cocktail on warm summer evenings.