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The Izzo Group was founded in 1979 on a stone's throw from Mount Vesuvius as a small artisanal roasting company founded by Vincenzo Izzo.

Caffè Izzo  Caffè Izzo vivi caffè giamaica beans 1 kg
Caffè Izzo vivi caffè giamaica beans 1 kg
Completely free from acidity and bitter aromas, thanks to the high proportion of quality Robusta with a dense and firm crema, the Izzo Vivi Giamaica convinced us with its full body, strong intense flavour, with notes of hazelnut and chocolate. 80% Robusta
Caffè Izzo  Caffè Izzo Gold 100% Arabica beans 1 kg
Caffè Izzo Gold 100% Arabica beans 1 kg
Izzo Gold. This espresso consists of 100% best Arabica coffee beans from the highlands and has an inspiring richness and a pleasant aroma. In the mouth, it is velvety, harmonious and chocolatey.
Caffè Izzo  Caffè Izzo supermiscela beans 1 kg
Caffè Izzo supermiscela beans 1 kg
The multi-award-winning Espresso Blend Izzo Napoletano (Supermiscela) is intense, balanced and powerful in taste. Espresso Blend Izzo Napoletano (Supermiscela) is suitable for the preparation of espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino.
Caffè Izzo  Caffe Izzo Gold  beans 250 grams
Caffe Izzo Gold beans 250 grams
The slightly darker blend is particularly aromatic and has a low acid content thanks to the gentle, long-lasting roast. In addition, the espresso convinces with a perfect crema.
Caffè Izzo  Caffe Izzo Silver beans 250 grams
Caffe Izzo Silver beans 250 grams
The aroma and flavour of Caffè Silver are surprisingly fruity and harmonious. This is due to the particularly gentle, long-lasting roasting at high temperature, which filters out negative substances, acids and bitter substances.

To this day, after more than 40 years, our espresso has been able to conquer coffee lovers all over the world, who recognise in our brand characteristics of unmistakable and indispensable taste and aroma.

Coffee Izzo - Caffe with Italian spirit
Coffee Izzo - that's intensely flavoured and enjoyable coffee with Italian flair. The brand was founded in 1979 by Vincenzo Izzo, who has always strived to produce coffee with Neapolitan characteristics using traditional roasting methods. This has now been achieved for several decades and the coffee from the foot of Vesuvius has become a real household name. Despite the company's constant growth and international expansion, to this day the roastery has remained true to its original philosophy and still considers the quality of the coffee to be its highest asset. Founder and patron Vincenzo Izzo is also still the heart and soul of the group.

How successful Izzo really is, is shown by its impressive export figures to Asia and the USA. Around 70 per cent of the company's total production is shipped to these two countries. The roastery is therefore not only active in Italy and Europe, but also seems to be enjoying increasing success worldwide. The product portfolio and the individual business sectors have also expanded steadily in recent decades. Today, the Izzo brand stands not only for high-quality roasted coffee, espresso or pods, but also for a worldwide franchise system for coffee houses. This has allowed the brand to gain considerable exclusivity and expand its global network considerably.

However, the quality of Neapolitan coffee is still paramount. Despite the dynamic growth, the company founder is usually very modest and concentrates entirely on the character of his caffè varieties.

100 per cent Arabica stands for quality
At first glance, "Izzo Espresso - 100 % Arabica" might not give you any idea about the Italian top product behind these beans. The top coffee from the Neapolitan roastery is full-bodied and pleasantly spicy; the quality of the Arabica beans is almost unbeatable. The smell of the beans at Izzo Espresso makes the heart of every coffee lover beat faster.

The beans of the Arabica Espresso are roasted in a slow process at high temperatures for about 18 minutes. Here, the acidic and bitter substances are significantly reduced in order to minimise the negative taste characteristics. It is mainly this roasting process, which gives the coffee beans an unmistakable shine, that makes this espresso so unique. Few roasters take the time or have the patience for such a complicated and detailed process. The fact that Izzo espressos are sold in the highest quality packaging is also what makes the brand so popular. The Caffé cans, which come with a special aroma filter, also meet the highest standards in terms of appearance.

Izzo Espresso's biggest competitor is the Kimbo coffee, which also comes from the Italian region at the foot of Vesuvius, more specifically from Boscoreale. What distinguishes the two roasters, however, is their target group: Kimbo coffee is considered the absolute top in Italy, while Izzo mainly exports internationally.