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Gimoka, one of the leading Italian coffee companies

Gimoka Gruppo Gimoka, one of the leading Italian coffee companies, known for its strong connection between tradition and technology. Want to buy a sample cup? Coffee beans offer, buy 12 kilo and receive discount.

Gimoka Gran Bar beans 1kg
Gran Bar beans 1kg
Excellent for making long black coffees. It also mixes well with milk to make a tasty cappuccino and latte macchiato.
Gimoka Gimoka Caffe Classico beans 1kg
Gimoka Caffe Classico beans 1kg
The taste is very intense, strong and spicy. The sweet aftertaste of chocolate notes is exquisite. It is perfect for a typical Italian espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato.
Gimoka Gimoka Gusto Ricco beans 1kg
Gimoka Gusto Ricco beans 1kg
is a combination of Indonesian Arabica (10%) and Brazilian Robusta (90%). The right roast gives the coffee a taste of medium intensity with subtle hints of caramel. Gusto Ricco beans.
Gimoka Gimoka Gran Festa beans 1kg
Gimoka Gran Festa beans 1kg
The Gran Festa Oro beans are medium roasted and develop medium strength during preparation. The combination of spiciness and a harmonious fruity note ensures a successful taste experience.
Gimoka Gimoka Vellutato coffee beans
Gimoka Vellutato coffee beans
Smooth and aromatic. 100% Rainforest certified Arabica blend: precious and sustainable. A lightly roasted coffee that is soft in the mouth and an aromatic profile characterized by floral and dried fruit scents and high acidity.
Gimoka, one of the leading Italian coffee companies

Espresso coffee is one of the most important symbols of Italian culture. The hallmark of the Gimoka Group, in addition to its dedication and passion for coffee, is the preservation of traditional coffee culture. Italian joie de vivre, tradition, passion and authenticity are all part of the Gimoka Group's brand message.

At Gimoka, "Made in Italy" stands for the best coffee quality and coffee culture. The Gimoka roasting house was founded in 1982 by Ivan Padelli on the banks of Lecco, in a small village in the province of Sondrio in the heart of Lombardy, Italy. Inspired by passion and dedication for coffee, the small roastery grew into one of the largest coffee roasters in Italy.

Years of experience and the relentless search for new coffee flavours are the key to the incredible world of the Gimoka product range. Quality is the maxim by which the company manages its processes. It begins with the extraction of the raw materials in the country of origin and ends in the customer's cup. With heart and soul, Gimoka employees work every day to get the best out of the coffee product with passion. Moreover, precision in maintaining the perfect roasting curve is central to Gimoka, allowing a unique and unmistakable taste to unfold in the cup.