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Café intención: Fairtrade & organically certified coffee enjoyment

Café Intención is honest coffee and sustainability is at its heart. So they make sure your coffee is delicious and fair. Do you want to buy the pads or ground coffee? Coffee beans offer, buy 8 kilo and receive discount.

Café intención Café Intención Crema Aromatico beans 1kg
Café Intención Crema Aromatico beans 1kg
100% Arabica coffee, with two labels. The Fairtrade label is the label for fair trade and the organic label for organic cultivation. A top quality coffee from the highlands of Central and South America.
Café intención Espresso Intensivo beans 1kg
Espresso Intensivo beans 1kg
This Espresso is a nice blend with a spicy aroma. Experience the solid body with a nice crema of these (h)honest, dark roasted coffee beans. An espresso blend from Café Intención Ecológico.
Café intención: Fairtrade & organically certified coffee enjoyment

Café Intención: Fairtrade & organically certified coffee enjoyment

With his Intención brand, Darboven focuses on sustainable and fair coffee quality: with Fairtrade coffee and cocoa produced under strictly controlled growing conditions with the corresponding organic certification. After all, you can only really enjoy the "brown gold" if the coffee farmers, who are primarily responsible for growing and harvesting the delicious coffee and cocoa beans, are paid fairly for it, says Albert Darboven. That is why his company has long been committed to helping the people in the countries from which the coffee originates and their not always easy living conditions. When the association TransFair e.V. first made Fairtrade certification possible for coffee, Albert Darboven immediately seized the opportunity. As a pioneer of his time, J.J. Darboven introduced the first Fairtrade coffee to German supermarkets as early as 1993 - then under the name "TransFair Kaffee", from which the brand Café Intención emerged in 2004.

Growing regions of Café Intención
Café Intención's raw beans are grown in Honduras and Peru. In the particularly favourable climate of Honduras' highlands, Café Intención's high-quality fair trade and organic coffee beans grow exceptionally well and only under sustainable conditions. In Honduras, there are already 40 Fairtrade-certified cooperatives with many coffee farms working with Café Intención. In Peru, Café Intención has been working with the cooperative "Central Fronteriza Del Norte De Cafetaleros" (CENFROCAFE) since 2007. Close to the border with Ecuador, Fairtrade coffee is grown here in organic quality on slopes that are more than 1600 metres above sea level. The Fairtrade proceeds are used to pay for education and training for coffee farmers and to ensure that the children in the family can attend school.