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Lucaffé coffee beans

Lucaffe coffee beans come from a roastery founded by a true enthusiast, Gian Venturelli. Lucaffe coffees are not only interesting and decorative, but also high-quality coffee beans perfect for automatic and piston machines.

Lucaffé Lucaffé Mr. Exclusive beans 1kg
Lucaffé Mr. Exclusive beans 1kg
If you order a cappuccino or latte in a top restaurant in Italy, chances are it will be prepared with Lucaffe Mr Exclusive. With this Lucaffe 100% Arabica, you will enjoy the best coffee available.
Lucaffé Lucaffé Mamma Lucia beans 1kg
Lucaffé Mamma Lucia beans 1kg
Lucaffé Mamma Lucia beans; a blend of 40% South American Arabica and 60% Robusta cherry beans from India. Lucaffé Mamma Lucia has a fairly high caffeine content, which makes it an ideal addition to any morning wake-up call.
Lucaffé Lucaffé Espresso Bar beans 1kg
Lucaffé Espresso Bar beans 1kg
Lucaffé Espresso Bar consists mainly of robusta beans. It looks great in espresso form, and with the addition of frothy milk, it is sure to delight everyone.
Lucaffé Lucaffé Classic beans 1kg
Lucaffé Classic beans 1kg
Lucaffé Classic coffee beans; the classic Italian coffee smooth and sweet.
This quality coffee is a blend of excellent Arabica beans with a small addition of top quality Robusta.
Lucaffé Lucaffe tasting pack coffee beans
Lucaffe tasting pack coffee beans
Discover which Lucaffe coffee meets your taste profile with this sample pack. Perfect for exploring these new coffees and developing your taste preferences.
Lucaffé Lucaffé Exquisit beans 1kg
Lucaffé Exquisit beans 1kg
Lucaffé Exquisit beans; is for those who love the smooth Arabica beans, but also like to appreciate a hint of chocolate. This is due to a blend of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta beans.
Lucaffé coffee beans

Lucaffé - excellent espresso from Brescia
In 1996 Gian Luca Venturelli founded Lucaffé, initially on the beautiful Lake Garda. From the outset, he concentrated on his greatest passion: espresso, simply called "caffè" in Italy. It took him only a few years to develop the small artisanal roastery into a flourishing company, which he still runs today and which exports its various espresso varieties all over the world.

In addition to its noble and carefully processed coffee in traditional form, Lucaffé is particularly successful in offering its espresso pods and complements them with the specially developed La Piccola machines. Pads and machines extract everything from the bean to produce an exceptionally aromatic espresso - reliably, even if it is not brewed by trained baristas. The pods, also a high-quality alternative to capsules, have received praise and recognition from connoisseurs right from the start and contribute significantly to the Lucaffé brand's excellent reputation, especially in the gastronomy sector - baristas and professional roasters know about the quality of Lucaffé beans. Of course, you can also enjoy Lucaffé's quality products - the roastery's range includes numerous coffees, such as the Lucaffé Espresso Bar, which you can easily buy online...

Due to this success, the buildings in Padenghe sul Garda soon became too small and Lucaffé built an additional factory in Roncadelle near Brescia. In 2004 the company finally moved its headquarters entirely to this region, to Carpenedolo, where the best conditions and sufficient space for further growth are offered.

The best of all "Caffe" by Lucaffé is characterised above all by:

Selected green coffee of the highest quality: Lucaffé sources Arabica beans from the best locations, for example in South and Central America, or from Jamaica. Robusta comes mainly from India instead of the more bitter and less pure varieties from Africa or Vietnam.
Strict and careful selection and control: Each individual batch is personally controlled by Venturelli, the founder of Lucaffé. This is how he ensures that the prolonged roasting at low temperatures produces optimum quality and the multi-faceted aromas of each bean.
Optimal packaging: Whether whole beans, powders or pods, Lucaffé protects its coffee against loss of aroma during packaging and right up to the brewing process with every conceivable technical option. The nitrogen atmosphere, which displaces oxygen during packaging and prevents oxidation, and an ambient temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius ensure that the multi-layered aromas are preserved for a long time. At the same time, the Lucaffé E.S.E. pads in particular, which are made of several layers of natural paper, enable an optimum brewing process. Steam pressure and temperature thus come together with the ground coffee and extract the full flavours.