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Mövenpick - Swiss Premium Quality Coffee

"Mövenpick of Switzerland is roasted according to the original Swiss recipe in the coffee roasteries of J.J. Darboven. We also sell Mövenpick ground coffee and pads.

Mövenpick Caffe Crema beans 1kg
Caffe Crema beans 1kg
Mövenpick Caffe crema coffee beans; the roasted coffee beans provide delicious coffee enjoyment with a velvety crema layer. Made from 100% Arabica beans.
Mövenpick Espresso beans 1kg
Espresso beans 1kg
These powerful and dark espresso beans are a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Ideal for coffee specialties like Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino and of course the espresso. Prepare the espresso with 7 to 9 grams of coffee.
Mövenpick Der Himmlische beans 1kg
Der Himmlische beans 1kg
Fine and sensual, a true pleasure at any time of the day. The special characteristics of this Mövenpick coffee result, among other things, from the selection of selected highland coffees.
Mövenpick Mövenpick beans sample pack 5 x 1kg
Mövenpick beans sample pack 5 x 1kg
Mövenpick has been one of the premium coffees for decades. The quality of the products has been maintained for more than 70 years, because only high quality beans guarantee high quality in the cup.
Mövenpick Gusto Italiano bonen 1kg
Gusto Italiano bonen 1kg
Mövenpick Gusto Italiano coffee beans; is a blend of coffee beans composed of selected Arabica coffee from Central America and Robusta coffee from Africa certified by Max Havelaar.
Mövenpick El Autentico beans 1kg
El Autentico beans 1kg
Mövenpick El Autentico coffee beans; the coffee has and full flavor and made from 100% Rainforest Alliance certified farms. For sustainable improvement of the living conditions of farmers in the countries where the coffee comes from.
Mövenpick Schümli beans 1kg
Schümli beans 1kg
Mövenpick Schümli beans; caffè crema in its purest form - if this is what you desire, then you should definitely try Mövenpick Schümli. Because this very full-bodied and mild coffee leaves nothing to be desired and convinces even demanding coffee drinkers
Mövenpick - Swiss Premium Quality Coffee

The Mövenpick name has stood for premium quality in international gastronomy for many years.

Enjoyment in whole beans - freshly ground just before brewing - lovers rely on whole beans for the best enjoyment and aroma, just like in the café. Pure and unadulterated: Experts recommend storing coffee as long as possible as a whole bean - it's good for the aroma! So conjure up perfectly prepared coffee enjoyment in your cup with Espresso or Caffè Crema. 

Suitable for use in all fully automatic machines, as well as for other preparations in portafilter machines to make espresso or caffè crema. Other specialities such as cappuccino or latte macchiato can also be prepared with Mövenpick Café's Espresso 1000g whole beans.

By the way: the high-pressure brewing process creates the crema that is typical of espresso and Caffè Crema. The famous golden-brown foam crown consists, among other things, of coffee bean oil and binds a large part of the delicious aroma. What is the difference between espresso and Caffè Crema? The latter originates from Switzerland, is the counterpart to filter coffee and is also called Schümli. Schümli - that comes from Schäumchen and describes the crema that is created during preparation. A Caffè Crema is prepared using the same method as an espresso, but with four times as much water. The result: a smooth but strong taste and the popular crema.

Send your senses on a journey! With Mövenpick Café's Espresso and Caffè Crema, you bring the best of coffee culture into your home. Whether it's the full-bodied, intense Espresso or the versatile Caffè Crema: the coffee specialities made from the finest beans will convince you with their richness of taste and variety of nuances.

Mövenpick coffee whole beans: Enjoyment with a full aroma, velvety crema and maximum freshness.