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Mauro Caffe

Coffee beans offer, buy 6 kilo and receive discount. Italian roasting tradition with exceptional excellence. Mauro coffee available in 35 countries around the world. Now also in the Netherlands.

Mauro Caffe Mauro De Luxe beans 1kg
Mauro Caffe
Mauro De Luxe beans 1kg
It is a product with a sweet taste, very aromatic, in which Arabica coffee is well balanced by a 30% Robusta coffee of excellent quality and low caffeine content.
Mauro Caffe Mauro Prestige beans 1kg
Mauro Caffe
Mauro Prestige beans 1kg
For those who like the taste of good coffee, the Prestige line was created, a full-bodied coffee with a medium caffeine content and a percentage of fine Arabica and Robusta coffees.
Mauro Caffe Mauro 100% arabica beans 1kg
Mauro Caffe
Mauro 100% arabica beans 1kg
It has a caffeine content so low that it enables frequent consumption. A light, strongly aromatic and fragrant coffee, especially with regard to fruity and floral notes.
Mauro Caffe

Mauro caffè - Demetrio Mauro was 44 years old in 1959 and has a long experience as a small businessman. His passion for coffee was born in his youth, when he landed on the cargo ships he used to board along the coasts of South America.

Demetrio Mauro: from fisherman's boy to passionate coffee trader.
Living innovatively and yet keeping to tradition: This is the motto of the modernly organised company Caffè Mauro from the town of Villa San Giovanni in Calabria, Italy. It was founded in 1949 by Demetrio Mauro, who was born in 1905, worked first as a fisherman and later, forced by the Second World War, manifested his love for coffee as a second professional start to building a business. When Mauro founded the company, there was only a small coffee roaster in an old warehouse near the port with a capacity of 20 kg. Thanks to the initial successes, in 1958 he decided to take an important step by turning his back on the old roastery, as it no longer had enough space to meet the growing product demands. He moved to a new 10,000-square-metre factory, which had four upper floors. Due to the high demand on the market, it became necessary to expand the factory to 15,000 square metres.

Consistently the highest quality
The company's production philosophy guarantees blends of particularly high quality. Mauro coffee is imported from Africa, Brazil, Central America and Asia. The company processes it according to strict quality standards and markets it all over the world, except in Italy. This variety of importing countries was deliberately chosen in order to obtain a wide selection capable of covering all sectors of the world market. The passion for the product and its excellent taste are what drives Caffè Mauro to subject its coffee to rigorous control at every stage, from roasting to the excellence of the coffee at a uniquely high level!

Italian roasting tradition with exceptional excellence
The Mauro company stands for unmistakable taste, whereby the Italian roots combined with the tradition of roasting are the main pillars of success. All employees are very ambitious and work every day as a team to make Mauro better and better. In this way, everyone in the company is fulfilling the requirement to make the Italian espresso culture, as a synonym for the Italian way of life, better and more known worldwide. A proven part of the company philosophy!

Today, Mauro coffee is available in 35 countries around the world and is represented in bars, restaurants and shops.