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illy ground coffee offer. Best 12 cans or more at a discount.

illy illy Classico MOKA ground 250 grams
illy Classico MOKA ground 250 grams
Consists of 100% Arabica beans. A total of nine different Arabica varieties harmonise with each other. The medium roast has a slightly coarser grind than normal espresso, making it perfect for preparing as a mocha.
illy illy Decaffeine ground 250 grams
illy Decaffeine ground 250 grams
Caffeine content not more than 0,1%. Full aroma, notes of chocolate, toasted bread, honey and caramel. Rich, velvety taste and a touch of bitterness that disappears after two minutes.
illy Illy Intenso ground 250 grams
Illy Intenso ground 250 grams
Bold, energetic and to the point: an interplay of genuine flavours, a big step towards the cocoa aroma, which combines beautifully with the notes of toasted bread and caramel. 
illy ground coffee offer. Best 12 cans or more at a discount.


Based on the deep conviction that coffee is an element of friendship, meeting, joy and pleasure, illy has been bringing Italian coffee culture to the world since 1933. Hungarian-born Francesco Illy came to Trieste after the First World War. Creative, inventive and cosmopolitan as he was, he found the three great loves of his life here: his wife, the city of Trieste and coffee. He founded the company illy caffè. Gradually, he became interested in cocoa and coffee, which arrived in the port of Trieste from all over the world. Today, the third generation of the illy family heads the company and it is known for its authentic illy espresso.


illy caffè stands for high quality and unmistakable taste. A unique coffee blend of nine pure Arabica varieties, enjoyed every day by millions of people on all five continents of the world. The company has built a whole world of refinement, experience, taste, science and art around the perfect enjoyment of coffee. Today, the illy range also includes coffee machines, designer cups and accessories. The illy universe extends to "espressamente illy", a global franchise chain in the style of typical Italian coffee bars, as well as a network of top international baristas who are entitled to use the title Artisti del Gusto - taste artists. The illy Classico normal roast is a real hit among the illy coffees in practical CAPSULE, PADS and WHOLE BOARDS. If you like something stronger, go for the ILLY INTENSO STRONG ROAST.