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Monin syrups - Creative variety. Pure coffee. Pure pleasure.

A wonderful way to discover something new from the world of coffee. With many flavours, surprising specialities are created using coffee and syrup.

Monin Monin syrup Blue Curacao 250ml
Monin syrup Blue Curacao 250ml
Blue Curaçao, a classic cocktail from ancient times, is known for its deep blue colour, sour orange taste and tropical characteristics.
Monin Monin syrup Passion fruit 250ml
Monin syrup Passion fruit 250ml
The tropical fruit, a passion fruit, is about the size of an egg with a brittle purple or yellow shell encasing crunchy seeds and soft juicy flesh bursting with a strong, fragrant flavour.
Monin Monin syrup White chocolate 250ml
Monin syrup White chocolate 250ml
A derivative of chocolate, as it contains no cocoa components, white chocolate is made from cocoa butter, which gives it its buttery taste.
Monin Monin Strawberry syrup 250ml
Monin Strawberry syrup 250ml
Strawberry is a popular flavour in dairy products such as ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies and yoghurts, with 'strawberries and cream' being the ultimate summer dessert.
Monin Monin syrup Cinnamon 250ml
Monin syrup Cinnamon 250ml
The characteristic rich, warm and sweet smell of cinnamon made it one of the most evocative spices and a common ingredient in many cuisines worldwide.
Monin Monin syrup Mojito Mint 250ml
Monin syrup Mojito Mint 250ml
Skilled bartenders called on the local bounty of wild mint 'yerbabuena', cane sugar, lime and rum to create a refreshing cocktail sensation that spiced up the sensual Cuban nightlife.
Monin Monin Almond syrup 250ml
Monin Almond syrup 250ml
The taste of sweet almonds is delicate and just a little sweet. They are often used in baking sweets and in marzipan, a traditional European and Mediterranean sweet.
Monin Monin syrup Coconut 250ml
Monin syrup Coconut 250ml
An extremely versatile flavour, its intense, sweet taste goes well with sweet, bitter and salty flavours. The nut of the coconut palm, the coconut is indigenous to more than 80 tropical and subtropical countries such as India, Thailand.
Monin Monin syrup Vanilla 250ml
Monin syrup Vanilla 250ml
Based on only the best pure vanilla extract from Madagascar, monin Vanilla syrup has an exquisite, premium taste, probably the reason it is one of the top three coffee flavours.
Monin Monin siroop Pina Colada 250ml
Monin siroop Pina Colada 250ml
This means "sifted pineapple". The Piña-Colada cocktail is a sweet rum-based cocktail made of rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice.
Monin Monin Caramel syrup 250ml
Monin Caramel syrup 250ml
This golden amber syrup can be used to make sweet coffee, tea and chocolates, convenient dessert cocktails, vodka shots or simply drizzled on ice.
Monin Monin syrup Chocolate 250ml
Monin syrup Chocolate 250ml
A classic cocktail flavour, monin Chocolate Syrup delivers the luxurious taste of chocolate that civilisation has enjoyed for thousands of years.
Monin Monin syrup Amaretto 250ml
Monin syrup Amaretto 250ml
Characterised by the flavour of the 'mandoria-amara' or bitter almond, the name Amaretto means 'a little bitter' in Italian.
Monin Monin syrup Hazelnut 250ml
Monin syrup Hazelnut 250ml
Monin Hazelnut syrup delivers the fresh taste and aroma of hazelnut with a hint of almond and vanilla.
Monin Monin syrup Chocolate Cookie 250ml
Monin syrup Chocolate Cookie 250ml
It is the ultimate flavour for creating the most delectable dessert drinks and expanding your beverage offering into the world of delicacies. Although the origin may be the accidental drop of chocolate chips that were never melted into an biscuit dough.
Monin syrups - Creative variety. Pure coffee. Pure pleasure.

Pure coffee. Pure pleasure.

Most fragrance lovers follow this motto. However, variety, fresh ideas and unusual creations often set new trends, and rightly so. A wonderful way to discover something new from the world of coffee is offered by the French syrup manufacturer Monin. With a wide range of flavours, surprising and very tasty specialities are created on the basis of coffee and syrup.

Monin in coffee

Latte macchiato with Irish cream and cappuccino with chocolate are probably the best known coffee specialities flavoured with syrup. However, syrups with nutty, spicy or caramel flavours are just as suitable. Fruit flavours such as orange, blackberry or cherry also conjure up completely new treats from coffee. And the possibilities with more exotic flavours such as pineapple, grapefruit or kiwi are almost limitless. Highly experienced baristas and ambitious "amateurs" even dare to create mixed drinks that they refine with different complementary or contrasting syrup flavours.

Quality you can taste

However, it is not only the flavours of the ingredients used that determine the taste of a coffee-mix drink. It is equally important that the syrup is carefully composed and produced. It must complement the flavour of the coffee, whether it is French Press coffee or a creation of modern coffee pods, with a natural note that is in no way artificial or chemical. In this respect, too, Monin syrup enjoys an excellent reputation. For example, the company's products have been in first place in the syrup category every year since 2004 in the "Beverage Highlights" poll of the trade magazine FIZZ.