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Eilles coffee roasting has been an art since 1873.

Eilles - In 1873, Joseph Eilles realised that there was no substitute for the highest standards of quality and care in processing if one wanted to make an extraordinary coffee.

Eilles Eilles Espresso coffee beans 1kg
Eilles Espresso coffee beans 1kg
Eilles Espresso coffee beans from Darboven; due to the Southern Italian nature you will experience a unique espresso experience, strong and intense in flavor, with a thick nut brown crema that is finely textured. Our espresso is dark roasted.
Eilles Gourmet Cafe beans 500 grams
Gourmet Cafe beans 500 grams
You can taste the harmony in every sip of this specially refined coffee from North, South and Central America, as well as from East Asia and East Africa - and experience its lasting aroma for lasting moments of pleasure at home.
Eilles Crema coffee beans 1kg
Crema coffee beans 1kg
Eilles Crema coffee beans from Darboven; Caffè Crema is lightly roasted. This leaves the slightly fruity notes of the beans and allows the smooth taste and firm spicy aroma to develop.
Eilles coffee roasting has been an art since 1873.

Eilles coffee: roasting is an art
The Eilles coffee house places great importance on the selection of high quality coffee beans. But it's only through correct and gentle roasting that the roasting masters bring out the full flavour profile of the beans. This ensures the incomparable pleasure for which Eilles is so highly regarded. The company gives the coffee beans the time they need. For patience and the right timing make perhaps the small but all the more subtle difference in roasting coffee. In Eilles, the beans are refined for 20 minutes.

The roasting process determines to a large extent which flavour characteristics of the coffee are emphasised. To bring out the unique character of a coffee with all its aromatic particularities is an art that requires fine intuition and years of experience from our roasting masters. At Eilles Kaffee, each bean is refined to the optimum in a traditional, lengthy roasting process, so that the fine aromas which define the character of the coffee can develop to the full.

Exquisite coffee specialties from Eilles Kaffee

Eilles processes the lovingly roasted coffee beans into a variety of specialities, which you can order here at coffeezone. These include, for example, Caffè Crema. Its trademarks are a light Crema with fine pores and a balanced and light taste. It is quite lightly roasted, but still develops a wonderful aroma. Caffè Crema is ideal for preparation in a fully automatic coffee machine or in a portafilter. Of course it tastes best freshly ground. Are you in the mood for a creamy cappuccino? Then the Caffè Crema from Eilles is the right choice for you.