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Coffee sorted by type and characteristic

Coffee sorted by label, variety or type.

Indulge yourself with only the best and purchase certified coffee for a delectable coffee experience. It should be common knowledge by now that not all coffee is created equal and that there are significant differences in quality. The growing of the coffee berries, the drying time of the un-roasted coffee, the further processing of the beans and the subsequent roasting have a huge impact on the taste you experience in your coffee cup.

Buy certified coffee at Koffiezone that meets special criteria just for you. From organically grown coffee to coffee beans with the Fairtrade label and Rainforest Alliance certification, you'll find it all at Koffiezone.

Choose organic filter coffee, good for you and the environment.

Food grown without pesticides just tastes better. When buying coffee, consider the growing methods and do something good for yourself. Experience the rich flavor and delicious aromas of organic filter coffee of the highest quality. Moreover, organic cultivation is not only beneficial for the coffee berries, but also for the flora and fauna on the plantations, so you can enjoy your organic cup of coffee in the morning with a good feeling.

Discover Fairtrade coffee.

The Fairtrade label offers consumers wonderful insight into today's food chain. Unfortunately, coffee farmers are still too often underpaid for their hard work. Buy coffee with the Fairtrade label and be sure you are contributing to fair compensation for the origins of green coffee!

Enjoy coffee with the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval.

Coffee with the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval means that attention is paid to environmental awareness, resource conservation and sustainable working throughout the value chain. The environmental protection organization with the green frog in their logo strives to trade coffees directly and effectively increase the yields of coffee farmers in harmony with nature.

Moreover, thanks to the direct collaboration between Rainforest Alliance and local farmers, eco-friendly coffee is an affordable treat.

Consciously Choose Climate Neutral Coffee

The label is designed to give you assurance that the coffee you buy does not have a negative impact on the climate. This means that the CO2 emissions associated with the coffee's production process and distribution are fully offset.