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Iona Ionia Gran Crema Espresso - 1kg
Ionia Gran Crema Espresso - 1kg
The excellent crema of the Ionia Gran Crema is particularly impressive. Thanks to the high proportion of robusta, this espresso produces a pleasantly dense crema with delicate notes of chocolate. This espresso spoils not only the palate, but also the eye.
Iona Ionia 100% Arabica Espresso beans 1kg
Ionia 100% Arabica Espresso beans 1kg
Thanks to the traditional Sicilian roast, the Ionia 100% Arabica espresso develops fine cocoa notes and an exceptional balance. The full aroma with sweetish notes makes for an unforgettable espresso experience.

iona: Sicilian coffee roasting tradition since 1960

In 1960, out of pure passion, Don Giovanni Raviti founded the coffee roastery Ionia in Santa Venerina, near Giarre. With determination, a deep love for coffee, the art of Sicilian roasting, and a mission to represent the Sicilian way of life, the originally modest roastery grew into a global company. The company still embodies the vision of Don Giovanni Raviti, which is reflected in every coffee blend they offer. Preserving Sicilian coffee traditions, culture, and flavors is central to both the development and management of the company.

Authentic Sicilian espresso

Sicilian coffee stands out not only for its taste, but offers a multi-sensory experience in which the warmth, dreamy aromas, and essence of the island are palpable. A Sicilian espresso captures the essence of a land full of contrasts; it is strong yet smooth, powerful and aromatic. Each cup of Ionia espresso contains the warmth and intensity of the volcanic landscape.

To offer customers the ultimate taste experience, Ionia Caffè carefully selects beans of the highest quality. This is not just a goal, but a promise to their customers to ensure the highest quality possible. Blending the best combinations of Arabica and Robusta beans is a true art, refined every day.

Quality and harmony in coffee flavors

Ionia constantly emphasizes quality and strives to make every cup of coffee even better. Each cup of Ionia coffee is infused with love and passion for the product. The harmony of flavors runs like a thread through the story of Ionia. In addition to the pursuit of quality, Ionia is also mindful of sustainability throughout the production chain and therefore proudly supports environmentally sustainable projects. With a deep-rooted pride in Italian and especially Sicilian coffee culture, Ionia Caffè has expanded its product range in recent years and now offers coffee machines and accessories in addition to coffee.