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Moak coffee beans offer

MOAK: THE STAMP AND THE PREDICATE OF SICILIAN COFFEE. A history born of passion. The taste of Sicilian coffee has been shaped by the most diverse cultural influences, which are equally reflected in the quality of the products. Moak Espresso is the expres

Moak Moak Forte rock beans 1 kg
Moak Forte rock beans 1 kg
Extravagant aromatic intensity enhanced by extraordinary creaminess. Ideal for those who love a rich and full-bodied coffee. A dense blend with hints of dark chocolate and toasted almonds. I'm Rock!
Moak MOAK Intenso soul beans 1 kg
MOAK Intenso soul beans 1 kg
Blend with a pleasant balance of flavors and considerable body. The slow roasting process releases a pleasant bitterness of pure cocoa and scents of toasted bread. Intense flavor and thickness. I am Soul!
Moak Moak Aromatico jazz beans 1 kg
Moak Aromatico jazz beans 1 kg
The aromatic flavor of the refined 100% Arabica blend reveals itself in the enchanting floral and fruity notes and delicate creaminess. Aromatico is a balanced coffee with a sweet and lively character. I am Jazz!
Moak coffee beans offer

Moak history
So many stories, so much experience, always looking forward but never forgetting the roots and the land where it all began.

Moak was born in 1967 in Modica as a small family laboratory. The excellence of the products and the vision of the founder Giovanni Spadola - passed on to his sons Alessandro and Annalisa, today at the helm of the company - have made the company present in more than 50 countries.
A success that has found its way through constant growth both in production and organization and in the choices always made with an eye for quality and an eye for detail.

Our manifesto

We want to convey to everyone who chooses us our natural tendency to do things with harmony and balance, always taking the heart beyond any obstacle.

Our mission is to offer moments of inspiration to all Wonder Hunters around the world, so that they can cultivate wonder every day and improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

The coffee

The high quality of our blends comes from the careful selection of the best Arabica and Robusta plants. A care that we have been proud to carry with us for more than fifty years. This is why we choose the best single origins. We check that the entire production process is faithful to our quality standards: we treat the beans with care, we roast them for each quality, because we want to preserve the aromatic notes and fragrance that emanate from the moment it is harvested for each type of coffee.