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Mauro Caffe

Mauro Caffe Mauro Prestige beans 1kg
Mauro Prestige beans 1kg
For those who like the taste of good coffee, the Prestige line was created, a full-bodied coffee with a medium caffeine content and a percentage of fine Arabica and Robusta coffees.
Mauro Caffe Mauro Concerto beans 1kg
Mauro Concerto beans 1kg
Mauro Caffe Concertto coffee beans: is a typical southern Italian coffee for full coffee enjoyment. Intense and full-bodied taste with a strong aroma.
Mauro Caffe Centopercento beans 1kg  BBD 30-11-2022
Centopercento beans 1kg BBD 30-11-2022
Mauro Caffe Centopercento coffee beans: With 100% Arabica quality, the Centopercento line is a refined and exclusive blend.
Mauro Caffe Mauro Centopercento beans 1kg
Mauro Centopercento beans 1kg
It has a caffeine content so low that it enables frequent consumption. A light, strongly aromatic and fragrant coffee, especially with regard to fruity and floral notes.
Mauro Caffe Mauro de Luxe beans 1kg
Mauro de Luxe beans 1kg
It is a product with a sweet taste, very aromatic, in which Arabica coffee is well balanced by a 30% Robusta coffee of excellent quality and low caffeine content.
Mauro Caffe

Caffe Mauro - also known as Mauro Caffe - turns relaxation into a culinary highlight. Sicilian life and coffee culture really come to life with a cup of Mauro coffee.