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Gimoka Gran Bar beans 1kg
Gran Bar beans 1kg
Excellent for making long black coffees. It also mixes well with milk to make a tasty cappuccino and latte macchiato.
Gimoka Gimoka Caffe Classico beans 1kg
Gimoka Caffe Classico beans 1kg
The taste is very intense, strong and spicy. The sweet aftertaste of chocolate notes is exquisite. It is perfect for a typical Italian espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato.
Gimoka Gimoka Gusto Ricco beans 1kg
Gimoka Gusto Ricco beans 1kg
is a combination of Indonesian Arabica (10%) and Brazilian Robusta (90%). The right roast gives the coffee a taste of medium intensity with subtle hints of caramel. Gusto Ricco beans.
Gimoka Gimoka Gran Festa beans 1kg
Gimoka Gran Festa beans 1kg
The Gran Festa Oro beans are medium roasted and develop medium strength during preparation. The combination of spiciness and a harmonious fruity note ensures a successful taste experience.
Gimoka Tasting tray Gimoka Gran Bar 200 grams
Tasting tray Gimoka Gran Bar 200 grams
Have you always wanted to taste these beans, but thought 1kg was too much? Then this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it! Want to know more about the taste?
Gimoka Gimoka Vellutato coffee beans
Gimoka Vellutato coffee beans
Smooth and aromatic. 100% Rainforest certified Arabica blend: precious and sustainable. A lightly roasted coffee that is soft in the mouth and an aromatic profile characterized by floral and dried fruit scents and high acidity.

Gimoka for 40 years of Italian coffee bean roasting. Gimoka srl is the second roaster in Italy. Gimoka coffee beans are suitable for various applications, from home, outdoor and fully automatic coffee machines. Coffee beans come in different varieties, with different intensity and aroma or size. Choose your favourite.