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Corsini Caffè Corsini Gourmet 1kg
Caffè Corsini Gourmet 1kg
The espresso roast of Caffè Corsini Gourmet brings out the full potential of the beans and adds subtle notes of sweet cocoa and delicate chocolate to the mild flavor profile.
Corsini Caffè Corsini Espresso 1kg
Caffè Corsini Espresso 1kg
With this coffee blend you get a real espresso - strong and creamy at the same time, just like in an original Italian coffee bar.

From Tuscany, the art of coffie

From generation to generation, we have absorbed from our beloved land the DNA of wonderful artists, skilled craftsmen and people of genius and absolute flair, giving us great creativity and extraordinary skills that we are now ready to take to the world.

Corsini coffee beans are the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys the special aromas and the sophisticated roasting of just-ground coffee. Coffee beans retain all the flavours of the best coffee varieties from several countries around the world: Indonesia, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Colombia, Jamaica and, of course, Brazil.

Thanks to constant research and meticulous care in processes, Caffè Corsini guarantees the very best quality blends of coffee beans, to satisfy every palate. Grinding your own coffee is a ritual that seals emotions inside an explosion of aromas and flavours, allowing you to savour all the nuances of the coffee - including the decaffeinated version, which retains all the body of a good coffee.