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Caffe Diemme

Caffe Diemme Caffè Diemme Miscela Oro beans 1kg
Caffe Diemme
Caffè Diemme Miscela Oro beans 1kg
Miscela Oro is an exquisite top-quality blend from Caffè Diemme, made exclusively from 100% Arabica beans. These beans come from growing regions such as Brazil Alta Mogiana, Tanzania Kilimanjaro, India Arabica, El Salvador High Grow and Colombia Supremo.
Caffe Diemme

The art of makings blends

Since 1927, we have been creating blends with a refined personality, designed to achieve unique aromatic and flavor profiles in the cup.

One of these is Miscela Super, Caffè Diemme's flagship blend, with a sweet and delicate finish, our 100% Arabica. To this are added two delicious blends of Arabica and lower percentages of Robusta, for stronger flavors like those of Bar Prestigio or flavors with multiple sensory notes like those of the Aromatic Blend. Within the range, there is no shortage of the classic decaffeinated blend, Caffè Bianco Diemme.

Caffè Diemme marks the beginning of the Dubbini family's entrepreneurial history, now in its third generation. Along with the solidity of tradition and family values, there is also the opportunity to offer innovative products and services for an all-round experience in the world of coffee.

A controlled supply chain that ensures the highest quality standards:

Absolute respect for coffee, the environment in which it is grown and those who grow it;
Meticulous selection of green coffee from the best plantations
Constant controls on import processes.