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Hausbrandt the brand of A-quality coffee beans

Hausbrandt is one of the oldest Italian smokehouses, founded in 1892 in Trieste. Would you like to buy a sample cup? Coffee beans offer, buy 8 kilo and receive discount.

Hausbrandt Columbus Gourmet beans 1kg
Columbus Gourmet beans 1kg
Excellence in 1 cup . Hausbrandt Gourmet Columbus; coffee beans is made from the finest beans and skillfully combines the aromas and noble flavours of Colombian Arabica. 
Hausbrandt Hausbrandt Academia beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Academia beans 1kg
Due to its high quality, the coffee presents itself with a smooth, intense taste and an excellent body with fine fruity notes. Fine bitter cocoa notes can be detected in the aftertaste. 
Hausbrandt Qualità Rossa beans 1kg
Qualità Rossa beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Qualità Rossa coffee beans; this coffee is composed with a lot of love. It consists of a mix of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta coffee beans.
Hausbrandt Hausbrandt Academia Dark Roast beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Academia Dark Roast beans 1kg
offee with a smooth and intense taste, medium body and fine acidity. Pleasant fruity aroma and notes of bitter cocoa in the aftertaste.
Hausbrandt Hausbrandt Superbar beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Superbar beans 1kg
Coffee characterised by a full body and barely perceptible acidity. In the aftertaste, there are delicate notes of bitter cocoa and liquorice. A varied taste experience.
Hausbrandt Hausbrandt Trieste beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Trieste beans 1kg
Through the thick crema you can taste a hint of fresh (toasted) bread, a little wild. The aftertaste is reminiscent of liquorice and bitter chocolate. Due to its (relatively) high robusta share, it is a perfect morning coffee.
Hausbrandt Hausbrandt H Hausbrandt beans  1kg
Hausbrandt H Hausbrandt beans 1kg
Coffee with sweet and spicy characteristics, medium body and medium acidity. It has a sweet and pleasant taste, distinguished by notes of hazelnut and cocoa. Full, powerful and creamy at the same time.
Hausbrandt Hausbrandt Gourmet beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Gourmet beans 1kg
A blend of selected 100% Arabica coffees, with spicy and lemony notes. The delicate sweetness and refined acidity make this a prized, sophisticated coffee. Perfect for any time of the day
Hausbrandt Hausbrandt Espresso Nonnetti beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Espresso Nonnetti beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Espresso - Nonnetti coffee beans; a selection of the best Arabica and Robusta beans is used for the Hausbrandt Nonnetti. Mild blend and little bitterness.
Hausbrandt Hausbrandt Decaffeinato beans 1kg
Hausbrandt Decaffeinato beans 1kg
Decaffeinated coffee at the highest level and very successful. The spicy character remains intact, as does the crema. Blend with delicate characteristics, it stands out with the delicate aroma of 100 % Arabica coffee.
Hausbrandt the brand of A-quality coffee beans

An excellent Italian coffee roaster that has achieved its success thanks to a harmonious combination of tradition and experience with a modern production process.

Hausbrandt Espresso - only the best is good enough
In the past 120 years, whenever new developments in coffee cultivation or processing occurred, Hausbrandt Kaffee took advantage of them to improve the quality of its coffee. Thus, already around 1900, Hausbrandt Kaffee used new, electrically driven roasting machines with the patented "Grevenbroich system". Thus, the degree of roasting could be perfectly determined and maintained. And the Hausbrandt espresso tasted much better than the beans that burned in the pan at home.

At an early stage, a cooling system was also installed, which significantly reduced the loss of aroma in freshly roasted coffee. And even today, the technology used is still being developed further. Meanwhile, an automatic biochromatic selection of the coffee beans ensures that only beans of perfect quality and optimal maturity enter the roasting machines. Distribution and storage and delivery times have also been further optimised.

Trieste espresso for connoisseurs around the world
Connoisseurs appreciate the unique taste of the products of the traditional Italian company. Founded by Hermann Ernest Hausbrandt as "Prima Tostatura Triestina di Caffè", the company has always been one of the pioneers in the further development of roasting craftsmanship and the technologies used for it. Experienced and creative roasters produce genuine gourmet coffees from selected beans. The classic Hausbrandt Espresso has upheld Hausbrandt Coffee's excellent reputation as one of Italy's leading roasters for over 120 years. The sample pack of three popular varieties - Super Bar, Hausbrandt Espresso and Qualita Rossa - is perfect for sampling the most popular roasts of Hausbrandt coffee and makes a compelling gift idea.