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Sinalco Sinalco Cola can 24x250ml
Sinalco Cola can 24x250ml
Sinalco is an "old" brand that is coming back to the market. Cola; Refreshingly unique, unrivalled in taste. Absolutely stimulating, and so tasty. Made with natural mineral water. Sinalco Cola with the extra freshness factor.
Sinalco Sinalco Orange  can 24X250ml
Sinalco Orange can 24X250ml
Only Sinalco Orange can be so delicious. Fruity sweet. Bursting with vitamin C. Unmistakable taste. The original. We want it this way and no other.
Sinalco Sinalco cola-mix 18x500ml
Sinalco cola-mix 18x500ml
Cola + orange = tasty mixture. A balanced combo that does what it promises. Really great. Always tastes fruity like summer. And the cola mix tingles pleasantly - from the first sip to the last.
Sinalco Sinalco Energi-S tray 24x250ml
Sinalco Energi-S tray 24x250ml
Taste meets energy: great Sinalco taste and lots of refreshing energy to help you tackle what's important to you. Energy from Sinalco. Or do you want to continue as before?

Colourful, diverse, Sinalco.

Whether lemonade or cola, with sugar, with little sugar or completely without. In different sizes and for every occasion: reusable or disposable, PET or glass. With caffeine or decaffeinated. Or with lots of caffeine, like Sinalco's new energy drink: energi s! Your taste decides. Find your Sinalco!