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Messmer Lemon tea
Lemon tea
Meßmer has taken the fruitiest lemons from many countries of the world as a model to compose a fruit tea delight. The sun kisses our skin, the scent of sun-ripened lemons enchants us, a smile and life feels a little lighter.
Messmer Orange tea
Orange tea
Let the tangy-sweet taste of Spanish Orange entice you into this carefree world and enjoy your personal fiesta.
Messmer Cherry tea
Cherry tea
The seductively sweet taste of red cherries fills you with the sensation of cool beats, the gentle sound of the sea and relaxing sunsets. This fruit tea is definitely one of the most delicious reasons to dream of your next holiday.
Messmer Mango Coconut (Hawai Kiss) Tea
Mango Coconut (Hawai Kiss) Tea
Meßmer has taken the taste of ripe mangoes and tropical coconut as a model for this sweet and exotic fruit tea. And from Maui to Waikiki, there is a simple word for it in Hawaii: Ono! And that means: delicious.
Messmer Raspberry-lemon tea
Raspberry-lemon tea
The sweet and tangy taste of raspberry and lemon is reminiscent of the colourful hustle and bustle of Miami Beach. Enjoy a fruit tea bursting with creativity and joie de vivre.
Messmer Mixed fruit tea
Mixed fruit tea
Various sun-drenched fruits such as apples, oranges and lemon peel harmoniously combine with fruity elderberries, spicy hibiscus and mild rose hips - for a fruity moment of pleasure.
Messmer Apple lime fruit tea
Apple lime fruit tea
The juicy-sweet taste of apples combined with the refreshing aroma of limes - for a fruity, zesty enjoyment experience.
Messmer Apricot peach fruit tea
Apricot peach fruit tea
The taste of delicate apricot and fresh peach harmoniously combined - for a delicious, mild enjoyment experience. Our Meßmer tea experts have perfected this light fruit tea.
Messmer Peach Tuscan tea
Peach Tuscan tea
The sweet and juicy taste of Tuscan peach gives you fruit tea pleasure.
Messmer Apple vanilla tea
Apple vanilla tea
The fruity taste of apples with the subtle note of vanilla - for a full, sweet enjoyment experience. In this light fruit tea, our Meßmer tea experts have made the taste perfect.

Messmer tea

This delicious fruit tea comes from Germany. Many flavour combinations and variations can be ordered online.

Naturally vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.